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level 1, 2, and 3


this part is the short story that you should be able to describe it


this one is for level1

Eve is excited to go to her first Dylan Wyman concert in New York. Dylan Wyman is Eve's favorite singer. In fact, Eve tells her mother Jeannine, Dylan Wyman is her favorite person!

When they are about halfway to New York, Jeannine hears a weird noise. "Oh no," she says, realizing that they have a flat tire.

There isn't much room on the side of the road, but Jeannine pulls the car over and climbs out. Sure enough, their right rear tire is completely flat.

Jeanine opens the trunk to get the jack and the spare tire. Traffic continues to whiz by at seventy miles per hour.

"Mom, are we going to die?" Eve asks. She is really scared.

"Don't worry honey, I'll be quick," Jeannine says as she starts to jack up the car.

"Wow Mom, how do you know how to do this?" Eve is shocked at her mother's secret talent.

Then Jeannine takes off the flat tire.

"Wow Mom, how do you know how to do that?" Eve asks in wonder.

Jeannine just laughs. Then she puts the spare tire on. Eve says, "Mom, who are you?"

The entire tire change takes only 10 minutes. They both climb back into the car and Jeannine says, "I'm so sorry honey, but we can't drive all the way to Albany on this spare tire. We're going to have to stop and buy a new tire. We might be late for your concert."

"That's okay, Mom," Eve says, "You're my favorite person now!"

this one is for level 2

Duke is watching a basketball game on TV. He is paying very close attention to the game. His favorite team, The Celtics, is losing to the Bulls.

Darlene, Duke's wife, is having a bad day. She is trying to talk to him about it.

"Honey, I am feeling very stressed out."

"Okay. Wow! Are you watching this? The Celtics are really trying to lose this game!"

"Um, honey? Are you listening to me?"

"Yes. Of course I am listening to you. I am listening to you and watching the game at the same time."

"Duke! You are not listening to me!" Darlene is getting frustrated with her sports-loving husband.

"I am listening, Darlene. What is stressing you out?"

"My job is stressing me out. I am thinking about quitting."

"Okay. Are you watching? The Celtics are missing every shot!"

"I am trying to talk to you. I am thinking about quitting my job. What about paying the bills? What are you thinking about?"


"Okay? Okay, what?"

"Okay. Good."

Darlene is getting mad now. Why is her husband ignoring her? "Fine!" She is shouting now. Duke is still staring at the TV. "Fine! Okay! I am quitting my job. And I am never paying another bill. I am letting you pay all the bills from now on! I am walking toward the door!"

"Where are you going?" Duke is still staring at the TV.

"I am doing the only thing I can to get your attention. I am driving to Boston. I
am trying out for the Celtics

and this one is for level3


this is just page four of your last love story, please read it for descrition


'You!' said a voice suddenly. 'Two minutes in the penalty box 

I looked up. He was talking to me. 'What did I do?' I asked. Don't argue.' He called to the officials' desk: 'Number seven, two minutes in the penalty box, for fighting.'Angrily I climbed into the penalty box

Why are you sitting here when all your friends are playing

The voice was Jenny's. I didn't answer. 'Come on Harvard, get that puck!' I shouted

'What did you do wrong?' Jenny asked.

T tried too hard.' Out there on the ice Harvard were playing with only five men

'Is that something to be ashamed of?'

'Jenny, please. I'm thinking.'

'What about?'

'About those two Dartmouth men. When I get back onto

the ice, I'll break them into little pieces.'

'Do you always fight when you play hockey?'

'I'll fight you, Jenny, if you don't keep quiet.'

'I'm leaving. Goodbye.'

I looked round, but she had gone. Just then the bell rang My two-minute penalty had finished. I jumped onto the ice again.

'Good old Barrett!' shouted the crowd. Jenny will hear

them shouting for me, I thought. But where was she? Had she left

As I went for the puck, I looked up into the crowd. Jenny

was standing there. I took the puck and went towards the

goal line. Two Dartmouth players were coming straight at


'Go, Oliver, go! Knock their heads off!'

That was Jenny's voice above the crowd. It was crazily,

beautifully violent. I pushed past one Dartmouth man. I

knocked hard into the other. Then I passed the puck to

Davey Johnson, and he banged it into the Dartmouth goal.

The crowd went wild.


...to be continued

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